Playability – Independent Outdoor Play for 10-13 year olds

The State of Play: Socio-ecological perspectives on children’s outdoor play


The Playability study sought to understand what motivates children 10 to 13 years old to play outside independently (without adult supervision) and their parents to allow or encourage them to do this. This study examined how the physical outdoor environment (e.g., traffic calming, bike lanes) and as social environment (e.g., norms of children playing outside) influenced children’s outdoor play and independent mobility. The goal of this study was to develop an index of the playability for neighbourhoods – similar to the walkability index. The playability index will be useful for designing child friendly neighbourhood environments that meet children’s needs and wants.

105 children between 10 and 13 years old, and 135 parents in 3 neighbourhoods in Metro Vancouver participated in the Playability study. Children wore a GPS monitor and a physical activity tracker to track their whereabouts and physical activities for a week. They completed a daily diary, drew a map of their neighbourhood and took us on a tour of their neighbourhood.

Each participating parent talked to us about how they see their neighbourhood in terms of letting their child go play outside without supervision.

See our infographics on why playing outdoors is so important for children. [link]

Follow-up interviews

Child and parent participants from the initial phase of the study are invited to participate in follow-up interviews to help us develop a deeper understanding of how changes in both the physical outdoor and social environment have influenced children’s outdoor play and independent mobility. These interviews will also enable us to explore how an individual child’s perceptions and attitudes towards outdoor play have changed since the initial phase and have been implemented in their present lives.

Funding information

Generously supported by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research 2016-2020


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